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Information for self-sufficient citizens

Self-sufficient citizens will receive six electronic tokens (in Danish: Klip) and with it, a limited amount of months to complete the modules assigned to each Danish Language Education. This is called a “Klippekort”.


Who gets a “klippekort”?

You will receive an electronic “klippekort” if you are in Denmark:

  • As a student or for work

  • As an accompanying spouse

  • As a family reunificated by EU-rules

  • As an au-pair

  • As a Nordic citizen

  • As a Cross-border commuter from a EU country


If one of the categories above applies to you, you are considered a self-sufficient citizen (in Danish: S-kursist), and has the rights to a free Danish Language Education, with a “klippekort”.


When does the “klippekort” start?

Shortly after receiving your Danish CPR-number, you will get a letter in your E-boks with information about your rights to a free Danish Language Education. Two months after having received the letter, your “klippekort” starts even if you have not started learning Danish. Therefore, it is important that you contact the municipality or us when the letter arrives, to arrange further.


It is possible to postpone your starting date, but that requires an agreement with the municipality.

How does it work?

  • When you have reached an agreement about start date, your first klip will start with the first module on the Danish education even if you do not show up for class.

  • Once a klip has started, it is not possible to pause it.

  • Once you pass a module test, the klip will stop and the next one, assigned to the next module, will start.

  • Your language school is responsible for administrating your klippekort. You can always ask your teacher your klippekort.


What happens if you do not finish a module within the set time?

If you cannot finish your current module within the set time, you have to use your next klip. This means that you will not be able to finish the entire language education, as you will be missing a klip in the end.

Do you want to know more, or do you have questions about enrollment? 

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Contact Caseworker

Emilie Strangholt Johansen
Tlf.: 24 91 99 06

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