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If you are an EU citizen and/or referred to a Danish language class post 1/7-2020, you need to pay a deposit of 2000 DKK before attending. Please notice that this does not apply if you are in Denmark as an Au Pair, or have been family reunified with a Danish citizen.


The deposit has to be paid before attendance and it should be transferred to our local bank account in Danske Bank: 4387 13530483.

It is possible to get the full deposit refunded once you finish the Danish language education. Please note that your right to a deposit refund is dismissed if you decide to stop during a module, or if you do not pass your module test or final exam within the set time.

Time limits per module:

  • Module 1: 6 months

  • Module 2: 6 months

  • Module 3: 7 months

  • Module 4: 8 months

  • Module 5: 9 months

  • Module 6: 9 months


Do you have any questions about
the deposit payment? 

Contact Caseworker

Emilie Strangholt

Ring: 24 91 99 06

Glad kursist i en undervisningssituation
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