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Registration for FVU-Danish

FVU is a free course for you who already knows some Danish and wish to learn more. Registration happens directly at one of our schools. Before you attend a meeting and a little test is required to figure out which level fits you.



FVU-start is for citizens who can already have a conversation in Danish but who lack a wide vocabulary and often make mistakes. At FVU-start you will learn written and spoken Danish that is relevant to your everyday life.


FVU level 1-4

FVU-Danish is for citizens who have already passed FVU-start or who are at an equivalent level. You should be able to hold short conversations in Danish.

FVU level 1-4 places particular focus on reading, writing and using different kinds of texts that you will come across in your everyday life.


Level tests

It is possible to pass a level with a level test, should you wish to.

With FVU level two you can apply for permanent residency

With FVU level four you can apply for Danish Citizenship.


To register for FVU-Danish you contact the school you wish to attend. You can attend FVU in both Grenaa and Rønde. 

Do you have any questions about enrollment, or do you wish to know more about FVU? 

Faglig koordinator Anna Nathalie Aissa

Contact Coordinator

Anna Nathalie Aissa
Tlf.: 30 33 36 72

Glad kursist i en undervisningssituation
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